Tincman 6500K 8 Watt LED

Tincman 6500K 8 Watt LED
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Price: $22.99
Product ID : Tincman LED



We've had fantastic success with this brand of bulb, and would even say that it's the best brand of bulb out there for any vivarium! These bulbs produce a fantastic 6500K temperature, which is ideal for plant growth. 

They are 6.2" in length and fit into ZooMed and Exo Terra canopies, and have a swivel base. They can also fit in custom single sockets, the same as any standard type bulb.The lumen output is far better than any T5 bulb, and keeps bromeliads and tillandsia colorful.

Highly recommended for use with broms, tillandsias, and red sphagnum moss as well as for promoting moss growth in a vivarium!!

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