Sphagnum Mix
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Perfect for the carnivorous plant grower! We will include at least 4 different types of sphagnum moss in this mix based on what we have available (we try to always include the red variety).

There is a dwarf green, dwarf red, full green, tropical green, fine green, full red, and other varieties that "blush" yellow, orange, and a rich copper when in dormancy and under certain conditions (high light, low water). Nearly all new growth comes from the tip of the strand, and is green.

Pro Tip: Sphagnum mosses can be propagated by breaking up the strand finely - there are two ways to do this:

1. Add a bit of sphagnum and some water (RO, DI, or distilled) in a blender and blend it into a fine paste, then "paint" it onto where you would like it to grow - a piece of wood, on substrate, on a tree fern panel - porous substrates that retain water work best.

2. Chop the moss strands with a sharp knife or scissors and scatter loosely over the substrate.

Remember: good lighting and regular misting are essential!

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